15 Weirdest Food Combos That Some People Love To Make

2. Marmite With Anything 

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

“Being British you can divide the country with Marmite with anything.”


That’s true! Marmite is a popular spread in the UK that has a strong, salty flavor, and opinions about it are very divided. Some people love it and swear by its unique taste, while others find it unappetizing. It’s a great example of how personal preferences can vary greatly when it comes to food. It’s also interesting to see how food can bring people together, as well as divide them, creating a sense of community around shared tastes and experiences.

3. Cheetos Dipped In Peanut Butter

‘When I got covid the ONLY thing i could somewhat taste was hot cheetos dipped in peanut butter. On their own, nothin’. Together? A weird ghost of salty sweetness that was still infinitely better than bland nothings. Sometimes I still crave it.”


Loss of taste and smell is a common side effect of COVID-19, and finding foods that still have some flavor can be a challenge. The combination of hot Cheetos and peanut butter sounds like it provided a welcome burst of flavor for this Redditor during that time. It’s not uncommon for people to crave comfort foods or certain combinations of flavors during illness or stress. 


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