7 Foods Some People Consider Overrated And Here’s What They Say

Food is an essential part of life, and it is a universal language that brings people together. There are some foods that are considered classic and timeless, but not everyone may feel the same way. In this blog, we’ll be discussing some of the foods that are highly overrated and why some people might dislike them. Whether it’s due to personal taste preferences or food-related experiences, it’s interesting to explore the reasons why certain foods are loved or hated. So, buckle up and join us as we delve into the world of overrated foods and why some people may not be a fan of them.

1. Huge Burgers 

There are a few reasons why some people may dislike huge burgers. One reason is that they can be difficult to eat, with ingredients and sauces spilling out and making a mess. Additionally, they can often be overly greasy, leading to an unpleasant texture and taste.

Photo by Miha Rekar on Unsplash

“In my country you can have a cheese burguer but the cheese is outside. They literally cover the whole thing in melted cheddar. They give you plastic gloves to eat it but, no matter what, you’ll leave the place with your face and clothes also covered in cheddar. It’s fucking stupid.”


Some huge burgers are often designed to be visually impressive rather than taste good, with excessive toppings and oversized portions that can overpower the flavor of the actual burger.

“I agree. I also hate when the cooks put all of the wet ingredients together on the burger. It’s burger-building 101 that the ingredients go dry-wet-dry-wet-dry. When all the wet stuff is slapped together, the gentlest force squishes everything out the opposite side and then you’re left with two buns and a WhiskeysDead

burger innards.”


2. Gold Flaking

“Gold flaking is kind of dumb. It doesn’t really add anything other than an unnecessary garnish.”


Photo by Photoholgic on Unsplash

For some, gold flaking is seen as a symbol of luxury and exclusivity, and it can enhance the aesthetic appeal of certain products, such as chocolates, desserts, and drinks. For others, it might be seen as an unnecessary and over-the-top embellishment that doesn’t contribute anything to the taste or quality of the product. 

“any of these “most expensive dessert” dishes that have jewels or gold on them as garnish can just piss right off. I want a dessert that’s expensive because of the amount of fancy work and the quality of ingredients that go into it, your shiny trinkets add nothing. I can make the worlds most expensive piece of shit if I tip a cup of diamonds over it.”


“…It’s criminal that he can get away with charging 1-5k for a steak just because he wraps them in gold flakes. For that type of money, I go on vacation to Japan and eat Kobe beef. There are even places AYCE places where you spend 200 dollars and get to eat all the Japanese A5 Wagyu you want.””


Ultimately, whether gold flaking is considered “dumb” or not is a matter of personal preference.



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