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Why These 12 People Quit Being Vegan or Vegetarian – Their Surprising Reasons!

Few topics are as polarizing as people’s dietary preferences. Whether you’re a hardcore meat-eater, a staunch vegan, or a selective vegetarian, it’s easy to get riled up when someone questions your food choices. 

However, it’s worth exploring the reasons why people shift their eating habits, especially when they switch from plant-based to meat-based diets, which is a topic that doesn’t get as much attention. Redditor u/Seyli04 started an intriguing conversation by asking former vegans and vegetarians why they went back to eating meat. In this blog post, we’ll share their candid stories and explore the complex factors that influenced their dietary changes. So, grab a seat and read on for some eye-opening insights.


An elderly Asian male patient is hospitalized with knee pain.

“I used to be a vegetarian for a year and a half until I had to come home to take care of my grandfather who was in the last stages of cancer. When I arrived, he cooked a lot of meat dishes that I used to enjoy, including his famous stuffed cabbage (gołąbki). However, he forgot that I stopped eating meat. When I reminded him, I saw his face drop with disappointment. In that moment, I decided to say “screw it” and ate the meat anyway. It made him so happy to be able to cook for me while he still could, and I knew that it was more important to make him happy than to stick to my diet. It was a small sacrifice for a greater cause.”



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